Market trends control

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Keeping market trends under control is a delicate operation requiring responsive systems capable of simply and intuitively self-updating, especially where ongoing market projects for intraday sessions are concerned.

Implementation of a continuous market presents difficulties, such as the management in dispatching markets of constant changes to energy production, and opportunities, such as the alignment with the European market and therefore being able to participate more and more.

We can use Artesian to simplify this operation: here are all the steps and the results obtained.

The goal

Use Artesian to create a chart of the market prices of the NORTH area to monitor the results of the various sessions

The reference data are those published on the GME website.

First, log into my Artesian account and select the market data I need through the available tools:

  1. Search by classification, choosing the GME provider.
  2. Textual, search using part of the name of the market data that is of interest.
  3. Proceed to select the market data identifier for the activity.

Repeat this operation for each market data, complete all the necessary selections and verify, as shown in the image, that there are no errors.

Let's proceed with the analysis

The next step concerns the extraction of market data for analysis.

The configured extraction is as shown in the image below, with the following parameters:

  1. A date range of 8 days, 7 in the past and one in the future. This will permit me to always have an updated view of my data.
  2. The granularity of the extraction will be hourly.
  3. Download the Excel file by pressing the “Download Excel” button, requesting the data already pivoted by the market data name.

With the downloaded file, it is sufficient to:

  • Update the Excel data (through authentication).
  • Then, generate the graph in the way that suits you best.


Obtaining a graph similar to the one below:

The automation

At this point, it has a regularly updated view of the GME data with an Update button to obtain the latest information when required.

It is sufficient to employ just once and then have it entirely reproducible and automated in our workflow.

Not only does it save you time, but it allows you to minimize human errors caused by repeated operations on substantial amounts of data or different Excel files.

An undeniable advantage that allows us to focus on the data analysis instead of its management and optimization.