Market trends control

trading energetico

Keeping market trends under control is a delicate operation requiring responsive systems capable of simply and intuitively self-updating, especially where ongoing market projects for intraday sessions are concerned. Implementation of a continuous market presents difficulties, such as the management in dispatching markets of constant changes to energy production, and opportunities, such as the alignment with […]

Monitoring wind park production

monotiraggio dati eolico

Monitoring the production of a wind park and planning the necessary maintenance are essential activities. Both to keep the system at maximum efficiency and to minimize unnecessary expenses. Artesian gives you straightforward access to the data history to perform an analysis and produce a plan in the most compatible way possible. Let’s see step by […]

Monitoring the gas balancing market evolution

monitoraggio bilanciamento gas

Monitoring the daily evolution of the gas balancing market can be tedious and time-consuming, with a large amount of manually managed data and the regular daily frequency necessary to follow the activity on the market. Artesian simplifies this operation and drastically reduces the time spent. Let’s see how, step by step. The goal Monitor the […]