Artesian is made by the ARK Energy group, a consulting and technology development firm operating since 2010. ARK is vertically specialized in offering technologically advanced solutions for the energy market.

The team that developed Artesian is bonded by a deep human and professional synergy, which stems from a common search for innovation and a passion for our work.

Why us



Francesco Arci

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur driven by a firm belief in the potential of innovation to deliver real business value in short time frames. Keen interest in the relationship between enterprise architecture, IT strategy and business model evolution. Background in AI, financial and energy markets developed over years of IT architecture involvement in investment banking, asset management and energy.


Charlotte Bird


Responsible for administration & financial control and human resources. Charlotte effortlessly combines an iron fist with a soft touch. When not in the office she can be found perusing antique markets both online and offline looking for bargains to be showcased by her IG alter-ego @thechateaumaid.


Michele Nan

Artesian Product Manager

Customer focused and delivery oriented, Michele lives and breathes the fundamentals and metrics of the energy market. He combines his passion for everything in the energy industry, from trading to generation, origination to retail, with solid IT and management skills. Is Artesian the right product for you? Ask Michele!


Niccoló Cecchi

Managing Consultant

You can find him behind a wall of monitors scaling and conquering mountains of data. His code is like him: multitasking. When he's not surfing data, he's surfing snow with his board. His mantra is "the future is just a function of the past, the problem is finding the right model." If you have a problem with your risk and trading processes or want to improve the efficiency of your power plant...who are you gonna call?


Andrea Cuneo

Head of Architecture

Obsessed with fault tolerant and scalable architectures, Andrea leads our architecture team. His crusade for efficiency and abhorrence of errors and repetitive tasks has ensured that our development, build and deployment processes are both rock solid and automated. When he's not coding some core library or exploring the boundaries of the bleeding edge he's probably dreaming of electric sheep.


Sean Moran

Engineering Manager

Soft spoken engineering manager with full stack knowledge of the development stack, Sean is responsible for the smooth running of our software lab and for the execution of our product roadmap. Want to insert new features in our product roadmap? Sean is your man to ensure they get built to a high standard of quality.

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