Why Artesian

The energy data platform that allows you to save up to 30% on data preparation.

Artesian was developed in-house with the input of the best energy traders and data scientists. We are a specialized team in a highly competitive industry.

Made by traders for traders. Unlock your time and focus on data insight.


Energy data platform

Whether you’re a data scientist, a trader, a consulting specialist or a professional who makes massive use of market data, Artesian is the technology solution that allows you to bring your work to the next level.

With Artesian, you operate in a customizable and integrable environment, with straightforward and intuitive features. You can focus only on extracting value from your dataset.


Spend your time extracting value from the data, without worrying about granularity, differences in formats and measurement units. Integrate the dataset with additional data sources in just a few clicks.


No more cumbersome exports and reports that take hours to update. With Artesian, your work can be shared in just a few clicks with a practical and attractive graphic format.


Make your data workflow fluid. Execute queries quickly. Quickly react to sudden scenario changes, gaining time and focus.


A cloud, plug & play solution that easily integrates with your IT ecosystem. Always updated and maintained by dedicated support.


Artesian does not own the data and does not outsource any data or processes. You are the sole controller of the data and the algorithms you apply, in complete security.

How it works

The 5C way

Artesian is a Data Integration Platform as a Service. A cloud-based service that automatically integrates the entire data preparation process.

We explain how it works and why to choose it in five key points.


Integrates all the data sources you need with just one click. Something’s missing? Add it for free with dedicated support service.


Interact and use all your data sources in a single, accessible and secure workspace.


Make all your data easily and quickly comparable with each other.


Use tags and metadata to classify your dataset according to your needs and evidences.


Customize your dataset by applying the transformations you need with the techniques you prefer.

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Data sources

We provide native connectivity to all the data sources you need for your business.


Familiarize yourself with the platform in minutes with our tutorials and open source code repository.

Video tutorial

Get to know the platform in minutes with our step-by-step video tutorials with code in hand.

Trusted evidence

Industry knowledge, data security, dedicated support from our team. That’s why big players are choosing us.

User Profiles

Artesian offers usage profiles that can be customized to your needs. Browse real examples of usage profiles below.

A large energy company typically uses over 20 Data Sources and up to 500 million Data Points per month.

The profile is Enterprise – Data Pro

A mid-sized energy company, focused on energy trading, uses up to 15 Data Sources and makes intensive use of data, up to 900 million Data Points.

The profile is Large-Data Pro

A consulting firm uses a large number of Data Sources, but with little intensive use (less than 40 million Data Points).

The profile is Enterprise – Data Explorer

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Free trial

Try Artesian for free for 30 days. No credit card required. Create your account in just a few steps and start speeding up your date preparation right away.