Artesian challenges the market status quo in approach and pricing

Why choose Artesian

Open Approach,
“Best of Breed” integration

Artesian is the service focused on industrializing the phases of data acquisition, standardization, and transformation.

With an open approach, Artesian allows you to use your favorite tools for visualization and processing, opening the door to the use of “best-of-breed” tools.

How Artesian works

Artesian is the cloud-based service that automates the entire data ingestion process.
Five key points to explain how it works and why to choose it.


Integrate all the data sources you need with just one click. Missing something? You can add it for free with the dedicated support service.


Interact and use all your data sources in a single, easy-to-use, accessible, and secure workspace.


Make all your data comparable to each other, easily and quickly without the need for technical knowledge.


Use tags and metadata to classify your dataset according to your needs. Facilitate the search for curves with just one click.


Customize your dataset by applying the transformations you need.

The pluses of Artesian

Artesian is built with your needs in mind precisely because it is designed by industry experts.

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Minimization of “vendor-lock-in”
  • Competitive, storage size-independent pricing

High-performance in "mission-critical" contexts

Artesian supports:

Analytical models to support energy trading functions on derivative and spot markets.

Archive all the time series you want at the original granularity:

  • consumption series of supply points (the number of points is not a problem);
  • market fundamentals such as prices, interconnections, storage, and even weather data;
  • data necessary for the management of the production of generation plants from DA, to intraday and balancing.

Internal and external distribution of results processed by proprietary models.

As a data repository, it has proven very effective for:

  • the development and processing of forecasting models;
  • the development of dedicated operational dashboards;
  • the development of checks for billing and balancing your position.

Transform market ticks into time series to support, for example, the feeding of candlestick charts of market trends.

If you find yourself in one of these scenarios, Artesian is the right solution for you.

Looking for other applications of Artesian technology?

We are at your disposal to evaluate a new application and integration.

Calculate Your Pricing

Number of Data Sources

Company Type

Artesian’s pricing is dynamically determined to accurately meet your needs.

Subscription fees are charged on a monthly basis.

Typical clients who might choose Artesian
Data Scientist

Obtain data from multiple providers in a format that can be directly used in analysis through chosen tools and create reliable models and decision-support algorithms.

Stategy Consultant

Distribute timely reports and analyses/recommendations to the client base. Reduce manual effort and increase automation to serve a larger customer base.

Head of Trading

Provide trading desks with easily customizable dashboards featuring market fundamentals to support faster decision-making and operations.


Increase customer self-service to reduce the load on key resources, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities. Enhance the business offering with a secure, reliable, scalable, and integrated delivery mechanism.

Discover the connectors

A continuously expanding list of all the available Artesian connectors.

Those who have chosen Artesian

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