Artesian is the energy data platform that allows you to work on data preparation by accelerating the understanding of the data, to get the most out of your dataset.

Speed up time-consuming actions, operating in a personalized and integrated environment with your working tools.

Set new standards of efficiency and achieve them with Artesian.

Ease of use​

No configuration needed. Start working on your dataset in a breeze


It connects instantly with your favorite tools


Leverage the potential of the platform by taking advantage of its features

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Save up to 30% of time spent on data preparation.

Artesian users have estimated a 30% saving in time previously used for data preparation.

The immediate understanding of Artesian functions, allows you to start using the platform immediately, without the need for prior technical knowledge.

Discover how to unlock your time and evolve your data insight.

Made by traders,
for traders

Artesian was born from our experience and vertical knowledge of energy trading.

The Artesian platform is developed by traders, data scientists and developers with over ten years of specialization in the energy sector.

From traders to traders: this is why big players keep choosing us.

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Artesian: Ready Now

Focus on the value of data, reach the next level

Set new standards of efficiency and achieve them with Artesian. Artesian is made by Ark, engineered by software developers in collaboration with energy traders and data scientists.

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