Quickening time
to insight

Artesian automates all your data gathering, ingestion and preparation freeing your time to focus on analysis

Why Artesian ?

Artesian aims to relieve energy markets practitioners and data scientists interested in the energy space from the complexity and burden of time series data preparation allowing them to focus on deriving insights from the data available to them through their own analytical models.

Our mission is to make Artesian a core building block of the data economy by hiding the complexity inherent in preparing, persisting and mediating access to diverse forms of data across heterogeneous architectures rendering them immediately exploitable in analytical models.

By subscribing to Artesian and connecting it to your primary sources of data you can:

List of available data sources

Consolidate all your public, licensed and proprietary data from exchanges, TSOs and commercial providers as well as your own internal models into your dedicated, scalable, highly available and cost effective repository.

Classify conformed data through a user friendly interface  according to your own metadata requirements. Use your classification to build queries that plug directly into your preferred tools, from spreadsheets to business intelligence and analytics.

Conform all collected data making it possible to plug in diverse sources directly into your own models and dashboards.

Transform conformed data by applying sector appropriate transforms such as granularity changes, alignment of day boundaries across energy commodities and absolute to relative tenor referencing.

How do I use Artesian?

Data Selection

Select the data you need across multiple data providers through an easy to use interface

Data Classification

Optionally tag the data for easier retrieval in your organisation

Data Extraction

View your time series basket and apply required transformations

Data Manipulation

Extract the data in excel or use the query generated by the query builder to create a dynamic excel spreadsheet or connect programmatically to any other BI solution

Contact Us

To organise a trial please contact us using the form below or write directly to enquiries@artesian.cloud