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Whether you’re a data scientist, a trader, a consulting specialist or a professional who makes massive use of market data, Artesian is the technology solution that allows you to bring your work to the next level.

With Artesian, you operate in a customizable and integrable environment, with straightforward and intuitive features. You can focus only on extracting value from your dataset.


Artesian’s pricing is dynamically tailored to meet your needs.
You actually pay only for the data you consume.

The fees can be planned on a monthly basis or on a custom proposal.


The Artesian model is based on two key parameters:



Minimal set-up costs, consumption costs commensurate to the single Data Points. Suitable for those who do not know with certainty the intensity of use of the platform.

Best ratio of costs to Data Points, with a depreciating set-up cost. Suitable for those who need consistent use of the platform.

You can further customize your user based on the number of Data Sources connected:

Price Configurator


Consumer Type

Milioni di data Point

Data Points: the single coordinate defined by value and time unit (e.g. 5 USD, 10.00 am)

Your unique characteristics are your strength. That’s why Artesian has adopted a tailored pricing model that takes into account each company’s data usage characteristics, without compromising simplicity.
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Artesian offers usage profiles that can be customized to your needs. Browse real examples of usage profiles below.

A large energy company typically uses over 20 Data Sources and up to 500 million Data Points per month.

The profile is Enterprise – Data Pro

A mid-sized energy company, focused on energy trading, uses up to 20 Data Sources and makes intensive use of data, up to 900 million Data Points.

The profile is Large-Data Pro

A consulting firm uses a large number of Data Sources, but with little intensive use (less than 40 million Data Points).

The profile is Enterprise – Data Explorer

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Artesian is live on Microsoft Azure

You can purchase Artesian right on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. Choose the solution that best suits your needs, seamlessly integrated into your cloud space on Azure.

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